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In the gentle sway of silken drapes, the ethereal glow of kohl-lined eyes that hold a universe of tales, and the graceful rhythm of a heart lost in its own beat lies the quintessence of "Nazaakat". It's an elegance that's timeless, a softness that whispers stories of old-world charm, a delicacy that's both commanding and captivating.

Drawing inspiration from this unspoken grace, our Chikankari 'Nazaakat' collection is a celebration of delicate allure. Each ensemble, with its intricate patterns and designs, is a canvas painted with hues of elegance, softness, and timeless beauty. To drape oneself in 'Nazaakat' is to wear a legacy of grace, to be enfolded in stories whispered by the winds of time.



Gilded Whisper

Dhs. 899.00
3 colors

Dewdrop Dawn

Dhs. 899.00
3 colors

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