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Block Printing

In the heart of the ancient Indus Valley, a craft was blossoming. Known as 'ajrakh', this early form of block printing was more than just a technique—it was a silent language of the soul. Among the timeless remnants of Mohenjo-Daro, fragments of fabric whisper tales of this bygone art. Hand-carved wooden stamps, dipped in nature's palette, would kiss the fabric, leaving imprints that echoed the cosmos of 3000 BC. Through these patterns, we glimpse the worldviews, passions, and unparalleled artistry of the civilization that once was.

With the passage of time, communities and artisans migrated, adapting and evolving this craft. As they settled across the vast expanse of India, 'ajrakh' took on new identities. In the sandy landscapes of Rajasthan, it morphed into the 'Bagru' and 'Dabu', celebrated for their earthy motifs. Further south, in Andhra Pradesh, the block intertwined with painting, giving birth to 'Kalamkari', a testament to the region's artistic inclination. 'Sanganeri' from Jaipur graced fabrics with intricate florals, while 'Bhuj' from Gujarat showcased bold patterns using nature's hues.

Today, each block print is more than a design—it's a chronicle. Artisans, inheritors of this age-old tradition, pour their dreams, hopes, and emotions into every press. Every drape and fold reverberates with tales of devotion, artistry, and a deep-seated bond between humanity and heritage, turning wearers into carriers of a legacy that spans millennia.


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