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Collection Story


At the heart of 'Seher' is the very essence of human renewal. "Seher", the first whispered promise of dawn, captures the anticipation of a loved one's impending visit or the soft thrill of unopened letters. It's that gentle sigh as the world transitions from dreams to daylight, the silent wishes made on a stray eyelash, the hope that today will be different, better. As the early morning light casts its golden embrace, stories unfold, mirroring the fragility and wonder of life's most intimate moments.

Meticulously crafted, each piece is a manifestation of our own fresh starts, our aspirations, and the love we pour into every stitch. We've woven our dreams, our 'Seher' moments, into this collection.  And we invite you to celebrate your new beginnings with us.


In the intimate moments when life feels like a dance, there's "Raqs." It's the gentle sway as we move through our days, the intricate steps of cherished traditions, and the graceful pirouettes of memorable encounters. It's the rhythm in a loved one's laughter, the solace in a familiar song, the cherished memories that dance in the corners of our eyes, reminiscent of that first dance or the comforting embrace after a long day.

Our 'Raqs' collection of Banarasi sarees captures this personal dance of life. Designed with the same grace and precision as a dancer's meticulous moves, each saree intertwines the past's elegance with today's modernity, flowing seamlessly with every twist and turn of life.


In the gentle sway of silken drapes, the ethereal glow of kohl-lined eyes that hold a universe of tales, and the graceful rhythm of a heart lost in its own beat lies the quintessence of "Nazaakat". It's an elegance that's timeless, a softness that whispers stories of old-world charm, a delicacy that's both commanding and captivating.

Drawing inspiration from this unspoken grace, our Chikankari 'Nazaakat' collection is a celebration of delicate allure. Each ensemble, with its intricate patterns and designs, is a canvas painted with hues of elegance, softness, and timeless beauty. To drape oneself in 'Nazaakat' is to wear a legacy of grace, to be enfolded in stories whispered by the winds of time.


'Riyaaz' is the echo of countless mornings spent mastering a craft, it's the quiet dedication mirrored in a grandmother's hands as she meticulously knits stories into sweaters. It's the resilience of a parent, repeating tales each night until they become the memories of our childhood. Life, in all its vastness, is a daily 'Riyaaz'. Every mistake made, lesson learned, every hug shared, or promise kept, is our practice in the intricate art of living and loving. 

Our 'Riyaaz' collection reflects these intimate moments. Each Banarasi saree is not a garment, but a diary of such personal rehearsals, echoing with the beats of countless hearts practicing their unique dance of life.


In the haven of 'Sukoon,' life discovers its serene rhythm. It's the joy of hearing a loved one's voice after a long absence, the serene solitude of cherished moments spent in your own company, the therapeutic release found in journaling your thoughts, and the soul-stirring comfort of losing yourself in music's embrace. 'Sukoon' is the warm, healing hug after a taxing day.

Our 'Sukoon' collection embodies these moments of tranquility. Each garment is a testament to the peace found in life's simple pleasures, a reflection of those instances when the world feels in harmony with your soul. Just as a familiar voice can soothe a tired heart, 'Sukoon' brings you solace and comfort.


"Saanjh-Savera" — it's the whispered conversations between the setting sun and the rising moon, the tender bridge between the golden warmth of day and the silver cool of night. It's the moment of transition, of metamorphosis, where contrasts meet, converse, and coalesce. As day and night, they are distinct, yet each draws meaning and beauty from the other, like two verses of the same poem.

In the elemental shades of black and white, our collection accentuates these contrasts. Each piece is a sartorial ode to life's rich tapestry of emotions: love and longing, tranquility and turbulence, passion and patience. Here, in the duality of hues, we celebrate the beauty of life's harmonious imbalances.


"Mashal-e-Mahtaab" is reminiscent of those tranquil nights when the world seems to slow down under the moon's gentle gaze. It's the warmth found in late-night conversations on a balcony, the silvery glow casting gentle shadows, turning even mundane moments into cherished memories. It's the comfort of midnight walks, where each step taken under the moonlight feels like a journey into oneself, and the soft hum of the world seems like a lullaby.

Our 'Mashal-e-Mahtaab' collection resonates with these unspoken moments. With pristine Chikankari on a canvas of white, each suit is a nod to the magic that unfolds beneath the moon, a piece that seeks to bring a slice of that nightly enchantment into your everyday.


"Diwaan-e-Khaas" — a phrase that transcends mere words, breathing life into dreams and elevating the everyday to a realm of majestic opulence. It's akin to a hidden sanctuary where our loftiest aspirations take root, a grand ballroom where our most cherished fantasies come alive. It's that place where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, where every person, in their own unique way, becomes royalty in the story of their own life.

Our 'Diwaan-e-Khaas' collection mirrors this extravagant realm, where each Banarasi saree whispers tales of dreams spun into reality, adorned in the timeless elegance of a life lived with purpose and grandeur.


"Aarzu" — a word that carries more weight than the heaviest sigh, more depth than the deepest ocean. It's the fervent pulse in the veins of dreamers, the shimmering tear in the eyes of those in love, the echo in the chambers of a heart filled with longing. More than just desire, "Aarzu" is the soul's eternal quest, its ceaseless yearning for something, someone, some moment.

Our 'Aarzu' collection is a tribute to this profound emotion. Every piece, every thread resonates with this boundless desire, capturing the essence of what it means to truly yearn. Draped in 'Aarzu', you don't just wear fabric; you wear the heartbeats of anticipation, the tender melodies of wishes whispered to the night.


"Safa" — a word that shimmers like the purest of intentions, glistening with the sacred hush of reverent devotion, and carrying the transformative power of gold being refined to its most exquisite form. It embodies a rare and multi-faceted purity, where each facet illuminates with its own distinct and authentic brilliance.

In our 'Safa' collection, we celebrate this multifaceted purity. Each garment is a tribute to unadulterated tradition, seamlessly entwined with contemporary allure. It's more than fashion; it's a testament to pure, timeless beauty that resonates within us all — a fusion of sanctity and refinement that elevates both spirit and style.


"Sunehri", meaning 'golden', is a celebration of the sublime blend of purity and opulence. Just as the first rays of dawn kiss the immaculate snow, turning it into a shimmering spectacle, our collection mirrors this ethereal fusion. It's the silent beauty of white, echoing serenity and innocence, embellished with the radiant grandeur of gold, symbolizing prosperity and splendor.

Drawing inspiration from this delicate confluence, our "Sunehri" collection presents ensembles in pristine white adorned with intricate gold details. Each piece is a tribute to life's special moments — the quiet pauses enriched by golden memories, the simple joys elevated by touches of grandeur.


"Every heartbeat, every sigh, every glance often holds an unspoken 'Aafreen' – a silent praise for the beauty of moments that take our breath away. It's the fluttering heartbeat upon hearing whispered words of affection. It's the gentle pull of nostalgia, like old pages yearning for the fingers that once turned them, and the spark in eyes witnessing fleeting moments of unparalleled beauty.

Drawing from this tender essence of admiration, our "Aafreen" collection stands. Each piece is an ode, a tangible testament to life's countless instances that deserve an unspoken, yet deeply felt, "Aafreen."


"Rozaana", the heartbeat of the everyday, is not just in grand celebrations, but in those cherished daily habits that bind us. It's in that everyday sip of morning tea, the scent of a page from a daily journal, the ritual of tying one's hair up, or the comfort in the same old clothes you don’t mind repeating almost every other day as if they are part of you, part of your very being. These ordinary routines, seemingly mundane, are the melodies that compose our life's song, holding within them memories, emotions, and tales of a lifetime.

Our 'Rozaana' collection is a testament to this daily magic. Crafted with the intricate elegance of Chikankari, each piece cherishes the beauty of our everyday stories, and the special moments nestled within life's routine.


'Riwaayat' is more than just a word; it's the heartbeat of age-old customs, the silent keeper of stories passed from one generation to another. It's the shared joy of festivals celebrated through centuries, the wisdom inherited from ancestors, and the unwavering thread of continuity in an ever-changing world. It's the legacy we inherit, the traditions we uphold, and the future we shape based on the past.

Embracing this profound sense of tradition, our 'Riwaayat' collection unfolds. Each Banarasi saree is not merely woven fabric but a canvas of history, a chronicle of traditions preserved, and a promise of legacies to be created.

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